Family Promise

Family Promise helps families regain housing, independence, and dignity by teaching them to set specific goals and strategies designed to dismantle obstacles preventing their success. It also teaches skills needed to search for jobs and permanent housing, while children spend the day at their regular schools or at Loaves & Fishes’ Mustard Seed School.
During the day, the Family Promise Day Center, located in the Loaves & Fishes complex, provides a safe and secure haven for families, offering everything they need to feel at home – showers, laundry facilities, phone, mailing address, computers, and common eating and lounge areas.
CPC hosts a group of families four times a year. Each evening, Family Promise transports the families to CPC for that week. Each family is provided a private room with bedding at the church, as well as common dinners provided by CPC volunteers.
CPC also provides loving volunteers who welcome the guests, spend quality time with them and their children, and provide some recreational activities. Family Promise transports the families back to the Day Center each morning. These struggling families need your Christian love and caring.
Please consider reaching out by providing food, fellowship, friendship and support to this wonderful ministry. Contact Carol Jones at if you wish to support or if you have questions.

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