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The Finish Strong – Reach Beyond capital campaign continues to make significant strides in reducing our remaining capital debt.  The January-March 2016 quarter resulted in a $161,760 reduction of our debt with a remaining loan balance of  $724,570.  Regular monthly loan payments for the quarter totaled $28,876, while loan prepayments were $142,500.

One of the goals of the BRIDGE Team is to aggressively pay down the debt through prepayments whenever possible.  The low Building Fund Balance in the Table above indicates that your contributions are being used to pay down the loan rather than sitting idle in the Building Fund.

Thank you for your continuing faithfulness in fulfilling your pledge commitments.  We are well on track to completely paying off the capital debt by the end of the campaign in November 2018.

For information on how to contribute to the Finish Strong -Reach Beyond Capital Campaign, contact Paul Shultz at 486-9081 or


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