Youth Mission Experiences

March 19-25, 2016

During their Spring Break week (March 19-25), 15 high school students and five adult leaders traveled to Oakland, San Francisco, and surrounding areas to serve and learn together.
They spent their first three days working with Greg Kloehn to build seven small wheeled shelters to provide a safe place for homeless people to sleep, stay protected from the weather, and keep their belongings. Each shelter was built using discarded materials, making each one unique. With Greg’s guidance, our youth added creative touches to each one with paint and other accessories.
They then traveled to the Delta to work with Amazing Grace Maritime Ministries. They spent a gorgeous spring day on the water, cleaning and preparing a boat which Amazing Grace will take to Mexico to provide medical and dental care to those living in poverty.
On day five, the team spent the afternoon at a community center putting on an Easter egg hunt, serving dinner, and providing crafts and games for the kids.
The last day was a “fun day” as the team took BART into San Francisco to explore and then packed up to head back to Carmichael the next morning.
Talk with any of the members of the mission team to learn more about their experiences and adventures!

February 12-14, 2016

The weekend of February 12-14 was the Middle School Mission Trip. The kids spent Friday and Saturday nights at the church as we participated in local community service. On Friday night we heard from a speaker representative from Wind Youth Services, made dinners to freeze and deliver for the Wind ministry later that week, and packed care packages for the Winter Sanctuary guests later that month.
Saturday was a very busy day. In the morning we walked down to the American River to pick up trash and have a devotional in the beautiful parkway. Then we came back to the church to have lunch and make extra sandwiches to hand out in Carmichael Park to the homeless there. Next, we came back to the church and helped in the food closet and learned about how it functions from Terryl Summers. We worked in the Food Closet until dinner and then had a debrief of the day. On Sunday we loaded up into the church van and drove to San Francisco to serve lunch at Glide Memorial.  After serving lunch to their homeless guests, we drove back to Sacramento and the kids headed home.
It was a very busy weekend, but the kids had a great time and learned a lot about the issues in our own community. We appreciate your prayers and support. An extra special thank you to the moms who made our meals!

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