Art Exhibits

The Gathering Place at CPC hosts rotating art shows, showcasing the creations of church members and community members throughout the year.

CPC’s art committee believes that God gives all of us talents of great worth to create and share beauty in all of the arts with others. Their mission is to provide an opportunity in our Church to showcase that talent for the members and the public.

“Gloriously Golden” as seen on September 20, 2020

Sunset Photography by: Sheila Mun Jacobs, Priscilla(Dave) Mauerman, Clair Daugherty, Lori Keeney, Kathy Daigle, and Sharon MacLean

The Golden Hour:  When the Sun is close to the horizon (at sunrise or sunset), and its light appears warmer and softer.  This makes the Golden Hour also known as the “magical hour”.

What words come to mind when you see a sunset?

Calming – mystical – colorful – awe-inspiring – grateful – enriched – peaceful – sad – beautiful – spiritual – reflective – hopeful – amazed – brilliant – thankful – glowing – touched – glorious

… and many others

Although our sun sets a minute earlier each day, the immense heatwave of summer is still in our recent memory.  We pray for all this year as we move forward, into the changing season, when the Autumnal Equinox begins (officially next week).  In honor of the last days of summer, enjoy this collection of sunsets from several artists.

The Hour When the Sun Turns Magical:  If we take a minute to recall the variety of sunsets we have seen, isn’t it amazing how we still rejoice, cry, or smile, and give thanks for all that we are given and blessed with that day?  Let us all enjoy the gloriously Golden Hour of our lives.

“Meandering by Art” by Marianne Gonzales as seen on September 13, 2020

Sacramento artist Marianne Gonzales has been creating art for as long as she can remember.  She started painting in Junior High School, and loved it. Many years ago, she heard God’s call to begin using her art to help spread His Gospel and bring Him glory. While oil painting continues to be her favorite medium, she also does a lot of work in mixed media and acrylic.

Painting has been a calming and wonderful journey for Marianne.  Her artwork has been shown at galleries in California and Oregon, including the Crocker Art Museum.  Marianne is a former art docent at a local elementary school.  Her work has been published in Horizons and Worship Leaders magazines.  She curates a church Art of Faith gallery and annual art show.  She is very active in the Sacramento art scene including as a Community Coordinator for a project called CREAtE District 6.  This project celebrates and promotes diverse art in the South Sacramento area.  Marianne’s considerate time and incredible talents have enhanced many others’ lives of all age groups.

“California Land” by Jackie Keller as seen on September 6, 2020

Jackie Keller is friends with our CPC Art Committee, and we are happy to display her work.  Driving in the California Great Central Valley years ago, Jackie started viewing this land as paintings.  This recognition began her self-taught oil painting journey.  She felt that the strong values of oil paint could reflect the powerful, transcendent nature of God’s earth.  Jackie says that because color tends to be more emotionally powerful than form, she likes to capture the land’s vibrancy through value and hue; to embrace the essence of it.

Jackie sees this land as gorgeous; the expression of something special, even divine.  Her goal is that the viewer sees “beauty and true spirit” in places that are sometimes overlooked.  She sees something spectacular in many places, but especially in the picturesque area of the desert and Central Valley.

“God Gifts” by Sharon MacLean as seen on August 30, 2020

Sharon MacLean joined CPC in 1983.  She and her husband, Bruce, have two adult children, and have all been active in our congregation.  Among many beautiful talents, Sharon is a self-taught painter.  She started with painting glass Christmas ornaments, which branched out to other winter scenes.

This past March, during our shelter-in-place, Sharon was laid off from her job of 24 years. The week she was laid off, they replaced their old fence.  She told Bruce, “I’m going to ask the fence guys to save some old fence boards to paint on. Good therapy in stressful times.  God gifted me the love and talent to paint, and He gifted me free wood and time to paint when I needed to focus on something other than the pandemic. God is full of surprises, often just when you need it most.”  She posted a picture of her art on Facebook, where a friend saw it, and asked her to paint five for her yard. It just took off from there, as she has requests for them quite often.  God gifts us all in many ways.

“A Bit of Artistic Diversity” by Terry Sweeney as seen on August 23, 2020

Terry Sweeney was a budding artist all his life, drawing as a child, then eventually learning oil painting techniques later in life. His formal training came after dental school, marriage, a stint in the army, and 3 children.  Finally, his Dental Practice was established and they lived in Palmyra, N.Y (a small upstate canal town).  That’s when Terry had the time to take art courses (at Finger Lakes Community College and the Rochester Memorial Art Gallery).  Since then Terry has also dabbled in acrylics, oil pastels and encaustics.  In California now for over 12 years, he is still painting in a studio created by his wife Judy who enthusiastically encourages his art endeavors.

Terry says, “I am proud to serve on the CPC Art Committee and love helping to bring art to the members and their friends on a regular basis.”  And we are also glad to have Terry as a friend and member of our Art Committee at CPC!

“Watercolors” by David Peterson as seen on August 16, 2020.

David Peterson moved to Carmichael with his parents in 1956.  He attended High School at El Camino and La Sierra.  He took classes from both Kaneko brothers.  In 1962 he had his first one-man art show in the new library at American River Jr. College.

David Peterson, NCA MP, has paintings in private collections around the country.  Since 2002, the artist has been accepted into dozens of state-wide juried shows and has won over 100 awards.  David has also been accepted into California State Fair Fine Arts Exhibit, 8 out of the last 9 years.  David was honored to have been a Yosemite Art Center visiting artist 2012-17.

He is a past President of WASH, Inc., Sacramento’s watercolor club and has been awarded NCA Master Painter Signature status.  David was a staff member at Sacramento Fine Arts Center through 2018.  He is presently a volunteer at the Arts Center.  David’s work can be seen at Sacramento Fine Arts Center in Carmichael, Rancho Cordova City Hall, various regional art shows and venues.  The artist is proud to represent the Arts Center in Chamber of Commerce activities.

David portrays the familiar scenes of our neighborhood in a humorous and enigmatic way.  He shows you California landmarks, including urban scenes, the American River, and our neighborhood differently, simply and in a unique manner.

“Summer Fun” by Sheila Mun Jacobs as seen on August 9, 2020

Where did Sheila get her inspiration to paint skim boarding?  From active children and being an involved parent!  Skim boarding has been around for several decades.  It is similar to skateboarding and riding on a short surfboard all at once.  To ride it, one tosses the board into shallow water, jumps on the board and rides.  Oh, but there’s more!  There are competitions for skill levels in doing tricks, jumps, and riding rails, which takes strength, timing, balance, and the ability to endure all of the tumbles.

Both of Sheila’s children did well in their skim competitions in the river, and also did ocean skim!  Her intuitive creativity was sparked when she started taking photographs of her kids’ events.  Using oils as her medium, Sheila loved the way she could capture the action of the person, the movement of the water, along with the vegetation along the river.

“In Living Color” by Karen Orlando as seen on August 2, 2020.

Karen Orlando is a woman of many talents and a deep abiding faith.  With husband,She and her husband, Steve, have four children and have been CPC members for over 20 years. Karen has always been active in the church, teaching Adult Education classes and Vacation Bible School, writing and directing CPC drama productions, and helping with SOS and the Food Closet, to name only a few. She also enjoys the loving service of being an Elder and Deacon.

Her interest in painting began about seven years ago.  Her journey began as her way to help a best friend who had lost their only child.  As a form of therapy to help with such grief, they took art classes together.  They have been taking classes ever since!  In painting with acrylics, Karen believes that her painting is one of God’s gifts. She says, “Nothing happens on the canvas without the Holy Spirit filling my heart.  I could never paint on my own. God is good.”

“The World’s Landscape” by Ethel Coe as seen on July 26, 2020.

Ethel Coe and her husband, Jim, have three children and have been members of Carmichael Presbyterian Church for over 12 years.  They enjoy traveling abroad, and throughout most of the United States.  They have a goal of visiting all the states.  Ethel’s oil painting experience began when they saw an artist in Mendocino, and Ethel thought she would like to try her hand at painting “one day” as she laughed about it.  So that Christmas, Jim surprised her with some art supplies, and years later she started taking classes (although she is amazingly self-taught).  Ethel ‘s paintings were inspired from places they visited with special memories.  Many thanks to Jim who encouraged her to have an Art Show, and for Ethel’s beautiful gifts that she shares with us.

“Lighting the Way in the World” and “Reflections” by Karen Wellman Banker as seen on July 19, 2020.

Karen bought her first camera while teaching military dependent children in northern Japan.  She has traveled extensively all over the world, and loves capturing snapshots of people and places that depict their lives and their homelands.

With 3 grown children, Karen Wellman Banker and her husband, Bud, have been CPC Members for over 40 years.  While vacationing, she noticed her fascination toward all the different variety of lampposts in our world, and wanted to share special and unique ones in this show.   With a caring spirit, Karen always helps others in the community and wherever she goes.  She even began the Mustard Seed School many years ago when she noticed the homeless children while volunteering at Loaves & Fishes.  Karen truly sees the light reflected in us all, and also captures her talents in her landscape photos throughout the globe!

“In Every Season” by Kathy Daigle as seen on July 12, 2020

Kathy Daigle is a CPC member, artist, and spiritual director.  She enjoys being in nature, capturing glimpses of God’s gifts through her iPhone lens.   “In Every Season” reminds Kathy of Ecclesiastes 3:1-11, as it promises us “To everything there is a season and a purpose to everything under heaven.”  Her photos of colorful buds and blossoms is where she thinks of God who created the garden of Eden.  A place of beauty and peace, a place filled with wonder.  A garden to delight us in every season!  So, Breathe in.  Gaze with wonder.  See the beauty.  Give thanks.  Rejoice and be glad.  “God makes everything beautiful in His time.” Amen.

“God Bless Our USA” as seen on July 5, 2020

This Americana themed show reflects many artists members’ pictures; their travels in California and throughout the United States.  Although times are different right now, you will feel the celebration in your hearts as we take you on a journey – a small sample of the wonderful places in our nation, especially those right in our own town!   Also included are items handmade by talented artists: quilts, weavings, fabrics, paintings of oil, acrylic and pastel). All of these creations remind us of our wonderful heritage and the beauty of the nation in which we live. Happy 4th of July weekend!

“Fantasy Birds” by Sheila Mun Jacobs as seen on June 28, 2020

From the artist:

It seems that I am attracted to birds and I wasn’t fully aware of it until I started making bird sculptures and people pointing that out to me.

Then I pondered why that was?  I recollected the Bible verse where it says:

“Therefore, I tell you, do not worry about your life, what you will eat or drink; or about your body, what you will wear. Is not life more important than food, and the body more important than clothes? Look at the birds of the air; they do not sow or reap or store away in barns, and yet your heavenly Father feeds them. Are you not much more valuable than they?”

Maybe this verse in Matthew had some influence…

I also love the free flying spirit and their bird’s eye view of the world from the air. (Well, most of them) They are beautiful to look at and I think God had a lot of fun creating their variety of shape, color and plumage.

I also like the Audubon’s message: “Protect Birds and we protect the Earth.”

“The Sawdust Trail” by Bob Beckert & Clair Daugherty as seen on June 21, 2020

Bob Beckert is very talented in so many things.  In the area of woodworking, he excels in his craft.  It all started after he attended a woodworking show.  He loved it!   Bob joined the Sacramento Area Woodworkers where others helped him develop technique.  He jumped in and practiced, asking a lot of questions.  His entry in the Calif State Fair was honored with Fourth Place.  Scrolling (also known as fretwork) is Bob’s passion. Mahogany and Baltic Birch are his preferred materials.   Bob grew up in the Napa area, and was in both the U.S. Army and Air Force for 10 years combined.  He enjoyed a successful career as Corporate Credit Manager in the Wholesale Electric business.

Bob also enjoys golf and calligraphy.  He and Doris have been married 54 years and members of Carmichael for over 50 years now.

Clair Daugherty has an amazing talent for just about anything he touches.  In woodworking, he started his first step stool in high school.  Then he continued on his woodwork journey that included a coffee table, end tables, hutch, Murphy Bed-with two matching cabinets, wood lathe projects, and segmented bowls, to name a few!  Longtime friend and wood crafter, Bob Beckert, encouraged Clair to join the NorCal Woodturners Club in Sacramento.  Over the years, they have enjoyed learning a lot together, and especially from this type of club where experienced turners would offer mentoring and lessons.

Clair’s inspiration comes from many directions, including internet research.  Clair adds his own touches and wood selections from his expertise in unusual hard woods from all over the world.  Says Clair, “Selecting wood is often based on complementary hues and tones, a challenging aspect of wood turning”.

Clair has also dabbled in glass sculptures, and is a fabulous photographer (developed and printed pictures in his own darkroom years ago).  Yes, there will be more of his creative art talents to view in future shows.

Both Bob and Clair’s wood pieces have been graciously donated in support of our Annual Spring Auction, which helps the Youth’s Mission trip, Summer Camp, and Vacation Bible School each year.  We truly appreciate you both for sharing your unforgettable gifts in woodwork.

“Photos Past the Darkroom” by Craig Johnson as seen on June 14, 2020

The Gathering Place at CPC hosts rotating art shows, showcasing the creations of church members and community members throughout the year. The art show you didn’t get to see since COVID-19 closed the church campus was “Photos Past the Dark Room” by photographer, Craig Johnson.

Craig and his wife are good friends/neighbors of Priscilla Mauerman who nicely coordinated this show.  Craig enjoys both the art of photography and the process of bringing the image to paper.  He is a retired Chemical Engineer, now devoting more time to travel and photography.

Before the digital age, Craig started with film, built his own complete darkroom, enhanced and processed all his film and prints.  His photos included travel, wedding, sports, artisan and performance art photographs, mostly in black and white with some color photos.  Now digital, similar techniques are used, yet he enjoys more creative effects and color in this new age.  Craig has also published books, does photographic jewelry, has been in over 100 exhibits, and juried shows including KVIE Art Auction, Crocker Art Auction, and CA State Fair.   We are proud to display his amazing work!

To see some of Craig’s amazing photographs, check out the end of the worship livestream for June 14, 2020.

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