Board of Deacons

The Board of Deacons is comprised of 30 members elected by the congregation to a three-year term. Deacons are at the front lines of ministry at Carmichael Presbyterian Church as they are called to care for members, visitors and our community through a variety of ministries, including visiting homebound members, serving communion, delivering flowers, and providing hospitality as well as working on the annual Deacons’ Christmas Basket project.

Board of Deacons 2016-2017
Lynette Ledesma, Moderator

Maria Brow
Misty Dunn
Laura Janik
Craig Morris
Janet Vasche

Carolyn Biggers
Kate Eisel
Bonnie Hard
Chauncey Hayes
Lynette Ledesma
Viki Tozier
Donna Barkley
Carol Honnold
Debbie Berke
Sharlene St. Clair

Kim Crockett
Thomas French
Diane Instness
Duane Johnson
Erin Pace
Branden Rodgers
Lois Silvernail
Julie Westbrook

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